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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hack school computer Part 2...

Sending messages out over the network:

Okay, here's how to send crazy messages to everyone in your school on a computer. In your command prompt, type

Net Send * "The server is hacked"

*Note: may not be necessary, depending on how many your school has access too. If it's just one, you can leave it out*

Where is, replace it with the domain name of your school. For instance, when you log on to the network, you should have a choice of where to log on, either to your school, or to just the local machine. It is generally same as your school, or something like it. So,if my school domain name is xavier, I use

Net Send xavier * "The server is hacked"

The asterisk denotes wildcard sending, or sending to every computer in the domain. You can swap this for people's accounts, for example

NetSend xavier dan,jimmy,admin "The server is hacked"

use commas to divide the names and NO SPACES between them.

Adding/modifying user accounts:

Now that you have a command prompt, you can add a new user (ie yourself) like so

C:>net user username /ADD

where username is the name of your new account. And remember, try and make it look inconspicuous, then they'll just think its a student who really is at school, when really, the person doesn't EXIST! IF you wanna have a password, use this instead:

C:>net user username password /ADD

where password is the password you want to have. So for instance the above would create an account called 'username', with the password being 'password'. The below would have a username of 'RAJ' and a password of 'fruity'

C:>net user RAJ fruity /ADD

Right then, now that we can create accounts, let's delete them

C:>net user Vishal /DELETE

This will delete poor Vishal's account. Awww. Do it to you enemies:P no only joking becuase they could have important work... well okay only if you REALLY hate them

Give you admin priveleges:

C:>net localgroup administrator RAJ /ADD

This will make RAJ an admin. Remember that some schools may not call their admins 'adminstrator' and so you need to find out the name of the local group they belong to.

You can list all the localgroups by typing

C:>net localgroup

Running .exe files you can't usually run:

In the command prompt, use cd (change directory) to go to where the file is, use DIR to get the name of it, and put a shortcut of it on to a floppy. Run the program off the floppy disk.

Well, I hope this article helped a bit. Also, please don't go round screwing up your school servers, they are providing them free to you to help your learning.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hack school computer: Part 1.....

Hiii dudes, now I will inform u about hacking school computers. Here, we will use command prompt.

By using command prompt, we can bypass restrictions on Guest account.This tutorial is aimed at school servers running Windows underneath (most of them do).

It works definitely with Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP. never tried it with 95, but it should work anyway. However, schools can stop Batch files from working, but it is very uncommon for them to be that switched on. So lets start.....

There are problems with school servers, and they mostly come back to the basic architecture of the system - so the admins are unlikely to do anything about it! In this article I will discuss how to bypass web filtering software at school, send messages everywhere you want, create admin accounts, modify others' accounts, and generally cause havok.

Please note that I ahve refrained from giving away information that will actually screw up your school server, though intelligent thinkers will work it out. This is because, for god sakes, this is a school! Don't screw them up!

How to get it all moving:

An MS-DOS prompt is the best way to do stuff, because most admins don't think its possible to get them and, if they do , they just can't do anything much about it.

First, open a notepad file (if your school blocks notepad, open a webpage, right click and go to view source. hey presto, notepad!). Now, write


and save the file as batch.bat, or anything with the extension .bat . Open this file and it will give you a command prompt (for more information on why this works, look to the end of the article). REMEMBER TO DELETE THIS FILE ONCE YOU'VE FINISHED!!! if the admins see it, they will kill you..

Bypassing that pesky web filtering:

Well, now you've got a command prompt, it's time to visit whatever site you want. Now, there are plenty of ways to bypass poorly constructed filtering, but I'm going to take it for granted that your school has stopped these. This one, as far as I know, will never be stopped.

in your command prompt, type

ping www.orkut.com

or anything else you wanna visit. Now you should have a load of info, including delay times and, most importantly, an IP address for the website. Simply type this IP address into the address bar, preceded by http://, and you'll be able to access the page!

For example:

Now, I've noticed a lot of people have been saying that there are other ways to bypass web filtering, and there are. I am only mentioning the best method I know. Others you might want to try are:

1) Using a translator, like Altavista's Babel fish, to translate the page from japanese of something to english. This will bypass the filtering and won't translate the page, since it's already in English.

2) When you search up the site on Google, there will be a link saying 'Cache'. Click that and you should be on.

3) Use a proxy. I recommend Proxify.com. If your school has blocked it, search it up on Google and do the above. Then you can search to your heart's content...

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Airtel Hack for Broadband Internet

I usually get 2-4 mails a week asking about how to increase Airtel Broadband Internet Speed. As I am using Airtel Broadband internet connection so today I am going to tell you that how you can increase your Internet speed from 64 Kbps to 256 Kbps without any software.
I do not know whether this trick is legal or not but I guarantee you that Airtel will never know about this.
So lets start :
Requirements :
1) An Airtel broadband connection.
2) Any Airtel phone number with high broadband speed : Yes, you need a phone number of Airtel with high broadband speed like 256 kbps. Airtel connection is so common that any of your friend or neighbour might be using it. Just ask for their phone number and save it. As an example, I am assuming a number 1234567
Step1) Now comes the tricky part : Just call 197 from your Airtel landline phone and ask for the following details of the number 1234567.
>> Name of the owner of this number.
>> Address of the owner of this number.
Step 2) That’s it. Now note down the 2 details mentioned above.
Step 3) Now call customer care ( 4444121) from Airtel landline and tell them that I need the Account Number and give them the phone number you have e.x 1234567
He/she will ask you for the account details and tell them exactly what you noted in Step 2.
Note : Airtel by default sets the username as Phone Number and password as Account Number.
Now you have phone number and account number of a person that has a high broadband Airtel connection.
Now I am going to tell you that what to do with the phone number and account number.
Step 4) Open Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and in the address bar enter the following address and hit enter.
When you will press enter a Window will pop up asking for User Name and Password.
Step 5) In the user name and password field enter the details below :
User Name : admin
Password : password
DSL Router will open and we have to make some changes in the Modem settings.
Step 6) In the left sidebar click on WAN and a new page will open and click on EDIT.
Have a look :
Click on Edit and keep on clicking Next until you get this screen :
Now in the PPP Username and PPP Password enter the following :
PPP Username : 01721234567@_dsl@airtelbroadband.in ( Here is 0172 is my State Code and 1234567 is the phone number is assumed but in your case both will be different. )
PPP Password : enter the account number that your noted in Step 2
After entering these keep on clicking Next and at last click on Save and then Save and Reboot.
Now reboot your system and check your Internet speed here.
Congrats now you have high Airtel Internet Speed connection.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Remotely Control Your Phone from Computer

Today I will show you a really cool application for your mobile phone. It is Remote Professional from mobileways.de.
With Remote Professional you can remotely control your smart mobile phone from your computer desktop using the mouse and keyboard!
Not even can be remotely controlled but you can record video or take screenshots and save them to your computer.
Remotely Control Your Phone from ComputerRemotely Control Your Phone from ComputerRemotely Control Your Phone from Computer

It is a really nice sensation to see the phone desktop on your computer and browse the mobile internet from PC keyboard, or write and send SMS or make calls :-)
It is very easy to install and use, just install the PC application (.exe) on your computer and then transfer (.sis) or (.sisx) file on your device and install it from there. You can install using your device’s PC Suiteapplication as well.
Now that you have install the pc and mobile application, run the application on your computer first and configure the serial ports from File > Setup > Bluetoth & Serial Ports
Here is a demo video from youtube.

Remote Professional runs on any S60 3rd Edition, S60 5th Edition, Series 60 v1/v2 or UIQ 3 phone and is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista!
Remote Professional can be downloaded from here:
  Remote Professional (2.2 MB)
Enjoy !!!